WiRSa v2 WiFi Wireless RS232 Serial Adapter


WiRSa WiFi Wireless RS232 Serial Modem Adapter with SD File Transfer


  • Built-in micro SD card reader - with a capable terminal software on the target computer, you can transfer binary files directly from the SD card. (XModem and YModem transfer protocols currently tested/working with others coming soon)
  • Text display/playback which can read file from the SD card and send them out across the serial line for display on your computer or terminal.
  • Integrated 128x64 OLED display which allows you to change settings, initiate commands and view data transmissions in real-time.
  • MODEM mode which accepts AT-style commands to telnet into your favorite online BBS.
  • Case option available - custom 3D-printed enclosure.
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The WiRSa adapter must be externally powered via a micro USB cable. You will have to supply your own micro USB cable and power source. An old phone charger works perfectly.

Kit form available to save you money - you do the soldering. All through-hole, instructions included.

The serial port is a female DB9 (DE9) connector. Please ensure you have the proper serial adapter if your computer has a connector other than male DB9. Please look carefully at the DB9 connector, due to the included nuts you may need to use a serial cable to connect it to your computer, or you can remove the nuts but the metal shielding will be loose.

NO SD card is included with any of the options, even though it may be pictured - this is for illustration only. My recommendation would be a 16 or 32 GB Sandisk micro-SD card, formatted as FAT32. 

Entire project is open source if you want to go the DIY route, project is available here:

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