Crystal Quest (1.44mb)
  • Crystal Quest (1.44mb)
  • Crystal Quest (1.44mb)
  • Crystal Quest (1.44mb)

Crystal Quest (1.44mb)


Prince of Persia

These are newly written onto high quality Sony HD floppy disks.

This game is 1.44mb formatted (will work in newer vintage Macs, such as the SE/30, Classic and LC).

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from Macintosh Garden:

Crystal Quest is an action computer game for the Apple Macintosh and Apple IIgs. It was notable for its fast-paced gameplay, and for being the first game to support the color displays on the Macintosh II.

"Addictive gameplay. 'Drive' a little circle-thing around a playing field, shooting at any enemies that appear. Collect the things and crystals for points and to pass on. Works great! - Wall Street"

The game comes with the Critter Editor, a tool to customize all aspects of the game.

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