EPROM Write Service


I have specialized equipment that allows me to read/write/copy data from vintage 24-pin devices including 2704, 2708, 2716 and 2732's.

This listing is for a 2708 UV-erasable EPROM programmed with the HEX/data of your choice. Please contact me after purchase to send me the file(s) you need programmed. I can accept Intel Hex or Motorola S-record data formats.

I can also program 2704, 2716, 2732, 27C128, 27C256 and 27C512 EPROMS and have limited quantities in stock. If you require one of these other chips, please contact me prior to purchase as quantities on hand may vary.

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Shipping for most orders within the USA is only $3 and should arrive within 3-4 business days.

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All disks are tested and 100% guaranteed to work. Replacements & returns are accepted.

The follow is a list of EPROMs which I do NOT stock, but have the ability to burn. Contact me for pricing and lead times prior to purchase: 2704, IM6654, 2716A, 2716B, 27C16H, 2758, 57C191, 57C191C, 2816A, 28C16, 2816Ai, 2732A, 2732B, 27C32H, 27C32B, 2532, 57C43, 57C43C, 68764, LH5749, 27HC641, 27HC641s,  27HC641R, 57C49B, 57C49C, 52B13H, IM6658, LH57191, 28C04n

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