Tandy 2000 MS-DOS v2.11 Boot Disk
  • Tandy 2000 MS-DOS v2.11 Boot Disk
  • Tandy 2000 MS-DOS v2.11 Boot Disk

Tandy 2000 MS-DOS v2.11 Boot Disk


Acquire a Tandy 2000 computer but have no boot disk? This is what you need! Due to the Tandy 2000's "unique" disk format and BIOS-on-disk requirement, it can be difficult to create. Your boot disk will come on a brand new (old stock) GoldStar 5.25" DD floppy disk. It will include MS-DOS 2.11 and GW BASIC. It is created on an actual Tandy 2000 and is guaranteed to work.

While you're waiting for your disk to arrive it's highly recommended that you open your Tandy 2000, and clean your floppy disk drive head and lubricate the rails. If you need information on this process, let me know.

If your Tandy 2000 is equipped with 2 disk drives, the boot drive (A:) is the bottom drive.

The 2nd picture is for reference only, your disk will look like the 1st picture.

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from WinWorld:

This is the original boot media required to operate a Tandy 2000 computer. The Tandy 2000 is an MS-DOS computer that is not fully hardware compatible with the IBM PC. Important: This software will not run on an IBM PC or IBM PC emulator. The Tandy 2000 uses a 5.25" 96tpi 720K "Quad Density" disk format.

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