Our high quality disk reproductions will get that machine booting again!

Disks are hard to come by and old/original ones can go bad - especially after 30+ years. All of our disks are created using the correct vintage equipment which has been fully restored and calibrated to ensure accurate writes.

The software I provide is either freely available in the public domain or abandonware due to its age. Without other working vintage computers or specialized hardware it's often very difficult to create just a couple of disks.

This service has grown out of my own passion for restoring vintage computers and helping others. It gives my retrocomputing hobby a purpose and helps justifies my own collection. ;)

We specialize in creating disks for:

  • Apple Macintosh
  • IBM PC & Compatible (Including Compaq, Zenith, Packard Bell, etc)
  • Tandy TRS-80

... And others coming soon such as Commodore, Apple II/IIgs and TI-99/4A.

Don't see what you're looking for? Fill out the "Contact Us" form and we may be able to make a custom disk for you!