5.25" Full Height to 3.5" Computer Drive Bay Mounting Bracket Adapter (3D Printed)

16,99 $

This is a 3D-printed 5 1/4" Full Height adapter to mount a 3 1/2" drive. Useful for mounting devices like a Gotek or HxC floppy disk emulator in vintage computers that have full height drive bays such as the TRS-80, IBM PC, Compaq Portable and others.

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This item is 3D printed in Black PLA material. As such, certain finishing touches may be required by the purchaser. It may be required to file openings or drill mounting holes to fit your device properly. Care should be taken during the customization and mounting process - 3D printed items are not as durable as injection molded plastic parts.

Also available in White PLA, just send me a message after ordering.

Other colors/materials could be requested but a surcharge will apply. Please inquire before purchasing.

I do not claim ownership of this design, it is freely available on Thingiverse by user "redrum69" under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license at I am charging for the service to print and ship this item.

I also have a couple of misprints available. These were damaged during removal from the print bed. The fronts are undamaged. The problem is on the bottom or a mount which has been glued & repaired. If you don't mind receiving a misprint, let me know after purchase and I'll refund $5 ea. I currently have 2 like this.

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