Windows 1.01 for Tandy 2000
  • Windows 1.01 for Tandy 2000
  • Windows 1.01 for Tandy 2000

Windows 1.01 for Tandy 2000

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Windows v1.01 for the Tandy 2000 is a set shipped on 2 DSDD 5.25" floppy disks. This installation has been configured for a Color display and to use the Tandy Digi-Mouse.

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It consists of a "Startup Disk" which goes is your A: (bottom bay), and a "System Disk" which goes in B: (top bay). The Startup disk is bootable. At the DOS prompt, just type "win" and Windows will load.

These disks have been configured to take advantage of the 720k format supported on the Tandy 2000. These means all of the distributed applications, fonts and printer drivers are are on just these 2 disks.

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